Remove small tattooing/SMP/PMU

When pigments and inks are placed in the skin through the process of tattooing, scalp micropigmentation or permanent makeup, the epidermis sheds and the outer layer heals.  The underlying ink remains for a very long period of time after that.  The removal methods for this can involve laser tattoo removal which burns the dark pigment away by heating it up at a 1064 nm wavelength laser beam.  Another method is to damage the skin through dry tattooing (needle without any ink) or a high salinity solution to help remove pigment.

The above solutions may work for some instances, but the most time efficient method for removing is to overlay the tattooed area with a skin toned pigment.  Most skin tone pigments do not stay on the surface and simply fade into and mix with the existing tattoo.  The formula developed for the Complexion Correction pigments is designed to stay on the surface and is the ideal solution for removing the appearance of small amounts of pigment/tattoo ink. 


bad SMP removal

Remove bad SMP

Removing the appearance of the bad scalp micropigmentation points is only half the battle.  After that, you must re-add smaller points to complement the rest of the good smp work on the client.